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establishment republicans are inside the beltway. see this republican race is down to just mitt romney and rick santorum. last week they dualed in michigan. this is another big battleground state where neither guy is from. santorum from neighboring pennsylvania, romney from michigan, since it's considered must win in the fall. this is the place where these two guys are going to go head to head. georgia's got more delegates at 76. ohio 63 many and tennessee's got a lot today. 56. there's going to be contention there as. unlike virginia, where only romney is considered a factor. the short answer is, this is where these guys go head to head, and it looks like the winner is going to have a lot of momentum coming out of super tuesday. >> will there be a winner? is the race going to be decided today on super tuesday? >> there could be a loser, wendy. if rick santorum wins nowhere, which is possible, he could get no wins today, he's going to be seen as the loser. if he loses in ohio but does well elsewhere, he can continue, because a lot of these republican primaries today are not winner take all. eve
evaporated in ohio. he and mitt romney are now tied. santorum's surge came largely on social issues and today romney tried to put the focus on what he considers his strong suit -- the economy. >>> other people in this race have debated about the economy, read about the economy. they've talked about it in subcommittee meetings but i've actually been in it. i've worked in business. i understand what it takes to get a business successful and to thrive. i understand how it is government gets in the way. someone who's got a principled record, is willing to go out and talk about all the issues confronting this country. all of the issues, not just how we're going to manage the economy better. this country is more than just the economy. >> santorum won't be eligible for at least nine of ohio's delegates because his campaign didn't meet filing requirements in some of those districts. >>> mitt romney is predicted to have an easy victory tomorrow in virgin virginia's presidential primary. virginia's ballot as little different from the recent primaries. julie carey explains. >> reporter: unlike most othe
. mitt romney coming off a commanding win in the illinois primary. he soared to his first big midwestern victory last night by a margin of nearly 12 points over rick santorum. analysts say romney's lead in delegates is almost insurmountable for his opponents. >> we thank the people of illinois for their vote and this extraordinary victory. thank you so much. >> the win gave romney some much-needed momentum. today former florida governor jeb bush the brother of former president george w. bush endorsed romney and encouraged other republicans to rally around his candidacy. romney is in maryland this hour and is hosting a town hall. maryland, d.c., and wisconsin will hold primaries on april 3rd. the next primary is the saturday and that's in louisiana. >>> meantime, a new poll is suggesting that virginia voters favor president obama over any of the republican contendors. the quinnipiac university poll shows romney trailing the president by eight percentage points among virginia voters. mr. obama leads rick santorum by nine points. the president's lead over newt gingrich 19%. according to the
this bill. >>> the resultses of super tuesday, mitt romney carried six streets, rick santorum three, newt gingrich, georgia. the biggest prize, ohio, in part because two republican candidate has won the presidency after losing that primary. romney's margin of victory there was a slender 1% but he says he is happy with it. >> i'm prepared to fight all the way to become the nominee and i was pleased with our success last night. obviously, we have got a very strong lead in delegate, a very strong lead in terms of the number of people who have voted for our campaign. >> ron palm has not finished first in a single contest. new england has carried only two states but all four candidates say that they are intending to stay in this race. >>> he is out, peyton manning tonight a free agent. today the colts parted ways with their superstar quarterback. dan hellie joins us with the emotional breakup. >> the colts between a rock and a hard play, keep paint around, pay him a $28 million bonus that's due and gamble on his health or you release him and free the organization from his albatross of a contra
is making his pick for president. he is endorsing mitt romney for the gop nomination. the boost for romney comes days before virginia's super tuesday primary. da davis says romney is a leader who has proved many times that he can turn troubled organizations around. romney and ron paul are the only names on next week's virginia ballot. virginia law does not allow write-ins for primary elections. >> >>> a s.w.a.t. situation forced three schools in charles county to go on lockdown this morning. the s.w.a.t. team responded to a man who barricaded himself inside a house around 9:00. it happened on the 2700 block of bismarck drive in waldorf. north point high school, davis middle school, and diggs elementary school were all put n on lockdown. a relative of the man called police saying there were weapons inside the house and he was acting unreasonable. police took the man into custody a few hours later sending him to the hospital for a psychiatric evaluation. >> >>> conservative blogger andrew breitbart died suddenly overnight. he was 43 years old. a family member says breitbart collapsed during
. >>> the latest now on the republican bid for the white house. mitt romney and rick santorum facing another test. there are primaries in two big southern states, alabama and mississippi tomorrow. for santorum, victories in alabama and mississippi would strengthen his argument that he is the conservative alternative to romney. if romney can pull off a win in one of them it will suggest the conservative voters are beginning to accept him. and today he won a big endorsement, the southern comedian jeff fochtworthy appearing with him around alabama. >> i was able to avoid politics for 53 years. somebody said why in the world would you get into it now? and the answer is it's too important. >> the issue is vision. the issue is that governor romney having out spent me 10 to 1 is still not able to close the deal. >> tell you how sick the system is. >> poll numbers have been climbing for newt gingrich. a pair of wins tomorrow would keep his campaign alive. but losses in both southern states could be a lethal blow to his presidential hopes. >>> well, how are you liking the weather? it is magnificent. >> tw
to challenge president obama on health care issues this fall. he said his rival mitt romney is disqualified because he put a similar law in place in massachusetts. >> and there's only one candidate who has the chance of winning the republican nomination who can make this the central issue that will be a winning issue for us to win the presidency back and that's rick santorum and, unfortunately, the worst person to make that case is mitt romney. >> rick santorum won the louisiana primary on saturday but remains far behind romney in delegates. >>> well, the sun is out on this monday but it may not warm things up a whole lot today. doug is in the storm center with the latest. >>> hello, pat. looking out there right now a beautiful afternoon. currently sitting at 58 degrees. abundant sunshine but the winds are blowing in some of the coldest air we've seen in the last couple weeks. 58 right now with the winds out of the northwest at 18 miles an hour. 32 miles an hour. that's the current wind gusts. we'll continue to see these winds throughout the next couple hours and eventually those winds will
on tuesday. an nbc marist poll out today shows mitt romney leading rick santorum 40% to 33% in the state. romney received a big endorsement today. wisconsin congressman paul ryan. wisconsin holds its primary tuesday the same day as primaries in maryland and here in the district. >>> and here in the district the primary race for the at large council seat has largely focused on ethics issues. the voting comes as some of the city's top leaders are under federal investigation. tom sherwood has our report. >> reporter: it was the final face-to-face debate friday for d.c.'s at large council candidates before tuesday's primary. on wamu politics hour, there was a discussion of the city ethics problems which caused key issues for three candidates seating to unseat vincent orange. >> we're seeing people who disrespect each other, people who have no morals. i think we need to change that. >> this is a very, very broken political culture right now when it comes to campaign finance. >> it's clear that residents right now are clamoring for strong ethical leadership to address some of the most pressing
more socially conservative, and many describe themselves as evangelicals. mitt romney has not done well with either group. newt gingrich won georgia this week and south carolina in january. he says he is going to take alabama and mississippi next week. >> we will have once again i think for the ninth time reset this primary race. >> if we win mississippi, this would be a two-person race. and this if this is a two-person race, we will nominate a conservative as president of the united states. >> santorum and gingrich are both dismissing the romney campaign's argument that the current delegate count provides romney with the only clear path to the nomination. on wall street stocks traded higher as investors were optimistic about the situation. in greece of all place, the dow jones picked up 70 points. the s&p closed 13 points higher. >>> hey, the mercury shot up today too. did you know it was the warmest day so far for 2012? >> and the warm breezes were just taunting us, doug. >> i knew, that jim. just to let you know. >> you fed me that line. >> okay, good. 73 degrees. that's what we reac
eyes on illinois. it's a big swing state. and mitt romney needs a big win to prove he is the sure nominee. he and rick santorum are still trading jabs. >> we're not going to be successful replacing an economic lightweight with another one. >> if i am a lightweight i agree he is a heavyweight, a big government heavyweight. >> romney is a heavyweight when it comes to delegate counts. santorum says he will not quit. >>> meanwhile, democrats are stepping up their fund raising efforts. president obama's campaign raised $45 million in february roughly twice what the campaign raised in january. despite doubling his money in one month republicans immediately suggested the president is losing his touch. he raised nearly $57 million in february of 2008. he was in the midst of a tough primary battle then with hillary rodham clinton. >>> next the "kony 2012" filmmaker's bizarre behavior. what his family says about the public outburst. >>> a same sex couple from maryland heads to court and the ruling could set a statewide precedent for divorce. >>> shopping for a used car? well there is an app
. >>> the campaign trail was crowded in illinois today. republican candidates mitt romney and rick santorum were there to campaign for tuesday's primary. president obama also paid a visit to his hometown attending two fundraisers in chicago before he headed off to atlanta. on the republican side, missouri will be holding caucuses saturday. puerto rico's primary is sunday. >>> the controversy over health insurance and birth control coverage is spreading now to some state governments. an arizona state lawmaker has proposed a law that would give all businesses the option to exclude contraceptives from health insurance coverage. the only exception is if a woman can prove she is taking the contraceptives for other medical reasons such as to prevent acne. some bloggers have dubbed it the tell your boss you're on the pill bill. >>> a warning tonight for commuters in lorton, virginia. your rush could be a car thief's gain. police say ten cars stolen over the past two months have one thing in common -- their owners all left them running in the driveway. the thieves took off -- the thefts took place in th
at the university of maryland and front-runner mitt romney has already been here. he visited baltimore county on wednesday. maryland's primary takes place april 3rd. >>> turning to the weather, another fantastic day but things are about to take a big turn. >> yeah. hope you got out there and enjoyed it now because it is going to get ugly. doug? >> it could get a little ugly in someplaces during the day tomorrow and then again during the day on sunday. sunday could be the uglier of the two days. we are going to see some rain and really after two weeks of some phenomenal weather, we do need to see the rain. unfortunately, it's coming just in time for the weekend. look at this shot. simply gorgeous right now. take a look at the cherry blossoms. it is really just a great afternoon. it's going to be a great evening. 80 degrees right now with plenty of sunshine. one of the warmest days we've seen so far this year. winds out of the east at 7 miles an hour. picking up. you can see the camera actually shaking a little bit there. 86 in frederick. 84 down to the south in fredericksburg. culpepper coming
from today, the gop candidates are putting a focus on maryland. romney stopped by the hometown of robert you are lick. rick santorum and ron paul are planning visits before tuesday. today, it was newt gingrich who brought his campaign to the capital. we have the report. >> reporter: newt gingrich says he brings the campaign for the gop nomination to maryland because he believes next tuesday's primary here is relevant. he was warmly welcomed in the maryland senate and house which are overwhelmingly democratic. >> tomorrow's primary matters. i think you are going to find every primary matters. >> reporter: maryland is home to the goddard flight center. i asked him if he still favors moon space flights. >> you want to create a prize system to draw the private sector and entrepreneurs in to really have a very, very robust program. 90% of it would be nongovernment. that means a lot of work for goddard. it's work that's broader than government beaurocracy. >> reporter: he stopped at a jewelry store and the deli. he mixed and mingled and took photos with the crowd here. >> i asked if
, doug. >>> newt gingrich says he is not leaving the race and mitt romney finished third place in both states but won the caucuses in hawaii and american samoa. in the end, he won four more delegates last night than santorum. the next big contests are missouri on saturday and illinois on tuesday. >>> at the white house, president obama and british prime minister david cameron met to discuss how to move forward with the volatility in the middle east. the two leaders held a joint news conference to talk about the economy, the situation in iran and the next steps for the war in afghanistan. >> this includes shifting to a support role next year in 2013 in advance of afghans taking full responsibility for security in 2014. we are going to complete this mission. we are going to do it responsibly p. >> i would make this point, if you compare where we are today with he have been two, three years ago, the situation is considerably improved. >> on iran, the president said that the window for solving the nuclear issue diplomatically is shrinking because the international community has already put
. the republican primary is under way in illinois. mitt romney has had a comfortable lead heading into today and may be helped by a verbal gaffe rick santorum made yesterday. he was arguing that his campaign is focused on smaller, less intrusive government rather than the economy. >> i don't care what the unemployment rate is going to be. it doesn't matter to me. >> i do care about the unemployment rate. it does bother me. i want to get people back to work. >> of course i care about the unemployment rate. i want the unemployment rate to go down. i'm saying my candidacy doesn't hinge on whether the unemployment rate goes up and down. >>> meanwhile, newt gingrich was campaigning in louisiana, the seen of the next primary which takes place on saturday. >>> today the granddaughter of dwight d. eisenhower told congress the family wants some changes in a memorial planned in his honor. susan eisenhower told a congressional subcommittee that the central theme of the design should be eisenhower's contribution to the nation, including his leadership as a world war ii general, a cold war president and
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